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‘You only play
with great people
if you
are great’

letterzetter *DODGY WITNESS*

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In my minds eye

are the things the same

as they used to be

Like the slow path

of the river

Like a trace

forever hidden

And nothing 

is bothering me

I have a calendar

on which the days

take longer

Like the clockwork 

of my mind

Like the time

of the future

And nothing

is ever pondering me

Cause just as

everybody else

I do see

when and what

 I want to see

So who are you

going to believe

you with

your lying eyes

or me ?.



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The music starts in a few seconds:.




Touch my screen
and I’ll be there
where ever you go
and anywhere
I’ll be there
……. When you touch


Touch my screen
I know you’re there
to feel my skin
I’m in the air
……. If you touch


How to make your dreams
it’s …. unfair


And you will take me
hah ! With a touch


High hills and roads
and mountains
So warm, wet
are all my fountains
…….. If you touch


Touch my screen
so cold out there
so virtual
only for you I do care
……. If you touch


Touch my screen
cause I’m aware
you want me
as you do stare
……… If you touch


It’s my pleasure


High erased
in this crazyness
let me be
at your best


Calling down
from your thrown


I had this dream
that it was all
Placed my head down
I go down down
………. for a touch


So I looked
at the skies
and I knew
so wise
……… If you touch


Get down singing
I make my promise
for fill
I said ….. aha !






letterzetter *DAVID BOWIE*

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. 2019 Drie jaar geleden alweer


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2018-11-01 Schaatsen gaat weer beginnen komend weekend. Joepie !!! 2010-02-10 Algemeen Dagblad: ‘Godver, hij stuurt me naar de verkeerde baan’ ‘ ….VANCOUVER – Schaatser Sven Kramer werd dinsdag tijdens de olympische 10 kilometer op het verkeerde been gezet door zijn coach Gerard Kemkers. Hij vertelde na zijn diskwalificatie dat Kemkers hem de verkeerde baan instuurde […]