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letterzetter *QUALITY*

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2018-11-15 Nou ja !!! Ik was nieuwsgierig naar Rebecca en kijk toch eens wat ik vond !!! Ze wordt nu al jaren geweerd op FaceBook en zo !!! Dank je wel Nicholas Wright en Mr. Ricky Gervais !!!!

You’ve probably heard about Rebecca, she is the woman in that infamous picture of the woman laying next to the dead giraffe. Although, this isn’t her first offense, if you go to her website you can see all the helpless creatures she has slaughtered. She claims that the giraffe was old and it was justified to kill him, but was it justified to kill all those other animals? We cannot let this go unpunished having her website taken down will send a message to all hunters. If you are disgusted by hunting for “fun” like I am then help me and take action. The world needs more people with a position of influence like Mr. Ricky Gervais to help us all to eventually one day have recreational hunting ilegalized.’



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letterzetter *HURRICANE*

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Binnenkort weer op radio en tv: ‘de Top 2000 Aller Tijden’. Zou deze er nog in staan ?  . .

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