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muziekletterzetter *DODGY WITNESS*

Posted by EllyCat on 17 August, 2019 with 26 Commentsas , , , ,



In my minds eye

are the things the same

as they used to be

Like the slow path

of the river

Like a trace

forever hidden

And nothing 

is bothering me

I have a calendar

on which the days

take longer

Like the clockwork 

of my mind

Like the time

of the future

And nothing

is ever pondering me

Cause just as

everybody else

I do see

when and what

 I want to see

So who are you

going to believe

you with

your lying eyes

or me ?.



Posted by EllyCat on 9 August, 2019 with 1 Commentas , , , ,


foto *SLAVINK*.

2015-08-09 An, onze ‘sla-vink’, na haar veldsla-slag ….